The Micro-Influencer

According to 2018 is the year of the Micro-Influencer!
The article points out that "Micro-Influencers" are typically more approachable, and budget friendly of course. In my opinion Micro-Influencers are so powerful because of their specific, targeted audience and stronger engagements. 

I started my blog in 2015 with little resources and even less knowledge on what it truly 
means to be a "Fashion Blogger." I soon realized the abundance of time, money, and passion needed to actively fulfill a website blog. We are 95 days into 2018 and one of my personal New Years resolutions is to collaborate with as many brands/companies as possible, and to actually start getting paid for my "side hustle" of being a "Fashion Blogger" and I'm happy to say I'm slowly achieving that personal goal of mine. 

Although I don't have an insane amount of followers, I'm still responsible for delivering content to those genuine followers, especially those who have supported me since the beginning. Micro-Influencers and Macro-Influencers have a presence on social media, whether it's a large or small audience we all have an impact. That's one of the aspects I love about this blogging bizz, it truly means so much to me when I receive dm's being asked for advice, getting re-posted by blogger pages or just simply complimenting my outfit in the comments section. It's a rewarding feeling knowing your hard work is recognized and appreciated.

Check out the article: 4 Reasons Why 2018 is the Year of the Micro-Influencer

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!!

High-low Peplum Flannel: DressLily
Tuxedo Jeans (Similar) Macy's
Booties: Rue La La

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