It’s a Birthday blogpost! *Cue the confetti and champagne* 

I posted a poll on my Instagram story a few days before my birthday asking whether or not you guys want to read a “23 Goals of Mine” blogpost or “23 Facts about Me” post. Majority rules and I guess you want to learn more about me, I’m much cooler in person though so I’ll try my best to seem exciting haha

Year 22 was actually a great year for me I accomplished so much. Every birthday and New Years I write down goals for myself (I know it’s a bit excessive) but that way I can see what I’ve accomplished in one year my life and half way to the new year. Does that make sense? 

On to the look: Can I just say I LOVE these photos, my friend/former co-workers roommate is a bomb photographer. She shoots editorial, couples, events you name it! Check out her website and show her some picture love Shelleraiphotos. Since I recently moved, my clothing is ALL over the place. I have winter items mixed with summer, in boxes and suitcases so I find myself mixing styles just to get an outfit together. This top is actually from a resort-wear collection,and I paired it with this vibrant asymmetrical skirt and a jean jacket to achieve a more casual yet feminine look. 

Currently finishing up this post on a flight to LA, and that’s one of my facts ;) 
Have a great week and thank you for all of the birthday love!

23 Facts about me:

1. I HATE seafood and pretzels. I hate them so much I say I’m allergic! 

2. Romeo Santos is played on my iPhone everyday, no doubt. 

3. I had invisible braces behind my teeth for nearly two years and no one ever found out unless I told them. 

4. I was a baby model! Ya girl modeled in diapers for Macy’s, Carter’s and Target. 

5. My feet are SO ticklish, I can not keep still during a pedicure.

6. I suffered from really bad anxiety and panic attacks last year, I blame my toxic work environment at the time. Your mental health is so so important, it’s always great to talk to someone.

7.  If I’m wearing a fancy watch don’t ask me for the time. I will look at my phone!

8. My favorite foods are Mexican and any kind of breakfast food! Tacos, quesadillas anything guac mmm. And I can eat cereal and pancakes at any hour!

9. My very first job was at the Bronx Zoo! Yup, before I was selling luxury items I was selling falafel sandwiches at African market.

10. No secret, I LOVE coffee! I swear I get coffee headaches if I don’t get my fix. 

11. I had an eye surgery in my early teens, caught a bad reaction in DR which caused my eyelid to droop. Guess I went under the knife already. 

12. My first few internships in fashion, I actually had to lie about my age. Many internships at the time were only for college students, I was an eager 17 year old who was not playing any games. 

13. I danced ballet for almost 9 years, I started pointe but never continued because I focused on school. I miss it so much. I saw one of my old dance teachers on the subway a few years ago and she asked me if I still dance. My response “only at the club”.

14. I ALWAYS get questions about my hair, even from strangers. It’s a sew in people! And yes it’s mine because I paid for it. 

15. I’ve kept journals since I was in middle school, I have about 4 full books! Writing is so therapeutic for me and it’s a great way to read how I’ve evolved as a person. I also get a great kick reading my poor grammar from back in the day.

16. I was a finalist for MTV’s Are You The One? Mhmm I was flown out to LA  for finals and everything! Great experience for sure.

17. People always ask me how I afford luxury items: 1. Shop consignment 2. Always have a plug.

18. I am 100% fluent in Spanish and I can talk really fast. Chances are you'll find me on the phone arguing with my aunt at a rapid Spanish speed. 

19. When I’m hooked on a new Netflix show that’s all I will watch at night with my dinner. Most recently I was hooked on “Bates Motel” crazy good!

20. I don’t know how to swim *cries* but I can float and stay put. I’d love to learn one day. 

21. I recently got my drivers license, I went the old fashioned route. I signed up with a school and took a bunch of lessons and passed.

22. I went to catholic school nearly my whole life. Only thing I appreciate now was not having to stress about outfits since we wore uniform.

23. I’d love to take a few courses in nursing. I think it’s so necessary to learn basic skills like taking someone’s blood pressure, learn CPR etc. 

Top: Michael Stars
Skirt: A NEW DAY

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