Hi peeps! I haven’t made a post on “My Loves” in a long while! But how fitting is it to write a little story time post about my Romeo Santos concert adventure.

If you know me, you know that I’m a HUGE fan of Romeo, I’m talking since Aventura days.. your girl waited on a line for HOURS when Aventura came for an album signing at the Best Buy in the Bronx LOL. I vividly remember asking Romeo and I quote, “Can you please say, So nasty” .. Romeo: “So Nasty”. I flat-lined after that so I can’t tell you the rest. 

I was never able to attend an Aventura or Romeo Concert because I always had work, it was impossible. That all changed this past February, when a special someone bought me tickets for Christmas and I cried, hollered! 

I got dressed in my golden best and the rest was history. When I found that out he was coming back to NY, this time at the Barclays I was going to attend without a doubt. I wanted really great seats, but the irresponsible me waited until the last minute, as always and nearly everything was sold out. When I tell you my aunt and I waited on the phone for what seemed like forever because Alex sensation was giving away tickets my phone nearly died and I was driving and on hold (which I don’t condone) unfortunately I was not the #9 caller *Broken heart* 

I made it my business to get my own tickets. I was able to snag great tickets. Plus Barclays is smaller so it felt more intimate. 

I did three rounds of shopping before I found “The Outfit” I was in Soho the day before the concert and knew I had to find something ASAP. I spent nearly two hours at Mystique Boutique , trying things on, sending pictures for opinions and asking the girls that work their which they liked best. Funny enough, I purchased a black fringe skirt set originally. Something didn’t feel right, I went across the street to eat a burger and I was telling my aunt that I wasn’t 100% sold on the outfit. So I went back to the store and I exchanged it for this amazing two-piece pant set I found downstairs in their summer sale section, and it was a hit! Not to mention this set was on sale and way cheaper than my first choice. Now I have store credit, great! Anyone else forget when they have store credit? I do all the time.

Fun fact about this set, I actually wore it backwards.
The tie is supposed to go in the back but I liked it this way much better!

I invited my good friend Brittany with me (who’s also a Romeo fan) and we hit the town to see our man! The concert was nothing short of incredible, Romeo is engaging, entertaining and just so damn cute to look at. My throat and entire body was sore after that night, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Enjoy some videos below. Have a great weekend! 

P.S. Silly me didn't save my snapchat stories from the concert and they're all gone :( If someone knows how to recover expired snapchat stories do NOT hesitate to contact me!


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