GRATITUDE comes from the Latin word "Gratus" which means 'pleasing, thankful'.
In the light of Thanksgiving week, that's exactly how I'm feeling as 2019 is coming to an end.

Don't get me wrong - this past year was filled with many challenges both personally and professionally. But, it was because of those difficulties that helped me realize my own strength and how powerful we are as women. 

Unfortunately we still live in a world where millions of girls are denied health care and education, where living in poverty is the reality for millions of Americans, and where often times we result to violence with one another, or ourselves. We may not directly face these challenges directly, but these are tragedies that are real and happen everyday. 

That's why I want to stress the importance of gratitude -
I know many of us have been able to earn an education, obtain a job, have access to health care and have a place to lay their heads at night. These might seem like basic things, but I for one am extremely thankful for having access to all of the above. 
Everyday is a blessing. We must try to remember to be kind to one another (and yourself), and help others. Not only during the Holiday season, but everyday. 
That being said, I hope you all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving! 
*Scroll until the end for outfit details*

P.S. How amazing are these photos? I collaborated with Vid of instagram.comvbnlens and his work is amazing! Make sure to check him out :) 

Plaid Top: Forever 21
Overall Dress: Zara
Wool Hat:Target

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