About Me

Hello! Thank you for stopping by JessyPeralta.com 
My name is Jesaura, but I've adapted the nickname Jessy since 
high school. With a major passion for fashion I have obtained an Associates degree in fashion design and Bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising from LIM College. 

In my opinion, fashion is very powerful. I love the confidence a great outfit can give someone. You can change your mood and style everyday just by the clothing you put on your back.

I created "Loved By Jessy" because I want to share my knowledge on topics ranging from fashion and beauty, to pageantry and more! I also want to show others that you don't have to wear expensive name brands to be trendy, or spend a fortune to look great. 

I'm always open to partnering up with different brands and companies.
For inquiries please e-mail LovedbyJessy@gmail.com 

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