Lights, camera, action! ... Well just lights.
Happy Thursday everyone, we're almost there tomorrow is Friday! 

I decided to do something a little different for this blog post, I'm going to be showing you guys step by step how to build your own vanity mirror with lights! Keep scrolling and enjoy :)

Here's what you'll need:

40W+ Globe Light Bulbs- The higher the watts the brighter the light.
(Also the more energy it uses)

Extension Cord

Vanity Light Bulb Bar
I purchased mine from The Home Depot for only $12.34!

Step 1: Wiring 

First, cut off the outlet socket part of the extension cord about 1.5" away from the plug, you won't need it!

Next, cut down the center of the cord about 5" separating the two.

Should look similar to this. 

Then, cut the tip of the cord removing the plastic exterior but don't cut the copper thread!

Should look like this :) 

On the back of the light bar there are two cords, a white and black cord. The white cord goes with the ribbed cord and the black cord goes with the smooth cord. Intertwined the two copper ends until it looks similar to picture above.

Make sure to cover the copper wire tips with the caps for safety!

Step 2: Mounting

Next, I placed the light bar on the wall hammering down both corners. I then 
taped down the cords I intertwined so it won't hang loose.

Place the metal cover back on the light bar.

Step 3: Lights!

Screw on the light-bulbs, plug it in to an outlet and ta-da! we have a vanity mirror with lights!!!

P.S. these lights can get very hot, especially when doing your makeup. Save as much energy as possible and unplug it when not in use :) Have a great weekend! 

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