Caffeinated Pajama Shirt + Mini Life Update

Is it just me or is 2018 flying by?! Not to mention this is my first official blog-post since 
the new year (Shame on me!) Can I also note that, I just wrote down all of my goals for this year probably the other day. I'm a mess. Better let than never, as long as it gets done!

2018 was off to a rough start for me.
As many of you know I was expected to graduate from college this Spring.
I even had the liberty of sharing some of my senior portraits on my Instagram story a few months back. However, life wants to be life and things rarely go exactly how we expect them to go. Therefore, I am no longer "eligible" to graduate because of a certain prerequisite course I have to re-take. (This is supposed to be the nice way my school worded it.) After endless emails, a couple of mental breakdowns and completely losing it on the phone with the dean of my school. I tried everything I could possibly think of to at least walk in the ceremony, but when I tell you my school was not having it, they were NOT having it.

I’m the first to always preach “there’s no rush on education” but after transferring upon receiving my associates and going through the horror of transferring credits and financial aid drama, a girl just wanted to be DONE! That being said, I’m grateful for some amazing people around me that have helped bring light to this situation. A few things that I learned are; This happens to so many college students, so make sure to be on top of your courses and credits like white on rice. The phrase no one likes to hear “Everything happens for a reason”. Maybe graduating next year will make the accomplishment all the more valuable and meaningful to me, maybe I’ll become wiser and more mature, or maybe I’ll be presented with a better job opportunity. The possibilities are endless.

Now on to the fun stuff!
I’ve been eyeing the pajama shirt trend for a little while, and to be honest I was not into it at first. Luckily I found this shirt on sale, so I said why not if the outfit is terrible I didn’t spend much on the shirt anyway. I put together a look with some goodies I picked up back from Black Friday and I must say I adore the way this ensemble came out.

As always, Outfit details are at the end of the post.
P.S. I have a fun, and my very first collaboration coming up. Can't wait to share!
Have a great weekend!!!

*This entire look is on sale! Get them while they're hot!!"

Pink Faux Fur Top: Zara
Pajama Shirt: GAP


Coffee Shop Spotlight:
Cafe Bari 

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