Vertical Verano

Hi Peeps!
Wow, feels like forever since I've sat down and talked to you guys.
SO much has been going on which explains my lack of posts. I know, I know consistency is key as a blogger. But I promise I have some fabulous content and collabs coming up that will keep both you and I busy!

I've taken a break from the stage this summer, it's my first summer in a few years that I'm NOT away at a pageant. It's a well-needed break that I think every pageant girl needs every once in a crown. However, I have enjoyed watching and supporting my friends that are competing! You can find me in the comments section haha.

This look was shot down near Fulton Street by my sissy Amber, while we were filming some magic for her upcoming competition we had a chance to sneak in some shots of my outfit. Check out the rest of the look and details below :) 

Top: H&M
Pants: Shein
Pumps: Oscar De La Renta
Bag: Gucci

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