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November is a supper busy month. Midterm elections (You better have voted!) National Stomach Cancer Awareness Month AND Latina Equal payday! These are all causes that are very important to me, and I have dedicated time to shed a light on each of these causes this month, either on my personal accounts or the Everyday Counts Foundation accounts.

I wanted to use this post this talk about something that is extremely important to me, since I practically face it everyday at work, and that's the Gender pay gap. I’ve been working since I was 17 years old, it’s no secret I’ve talked about it on the blog before- My very first job was at the Bronx Zoo. When my mother passed away one year later I had to work to provide for myself. This began my everlasting work history, when I tell you I’ve had A LOT of jobs, it’s not exaggeration. You name it, I've probably worked there. I’ve worked in the food/hospitality business, glorious retail, luxury, wholesale, sales, production, extra work the lists goes on and on.

I’ve always been grateful for every single one of my jobs no matter the outcome, ultimately I've learned something new about myself and a particular industry.

When I started working in the city for different designers, showrooms and magazine publications I realized the lack of diversity in the workplace. Often times I was the only minority at the job, which meant I had to work twice as hard as my Caucasian colleagues. I've learned the hard way, regardless of the amount of education, or experience you may have, often times it's not quantifiable in the workplace compared to your white counterparts.
Here are the facts:
Latina women typically earn 53 cents to the White, Non-Hispanic male dollar. That's like working the same hours on your schedule and getting your paycheck cut in half!
One in Five women in the U.S. is Latina, making up 27.9 million of the population. 
It won't be for another 215 years until the gap is fully closed for Latinas. 
Nearly one in three Americans is not aware of the pay gap between Latinas and White men. 

How to close the Latina pay gap: 
Educate - Many people aren't aware of the gender/racial pay gap. It's our job as social media users to use this platform to spread awareness and educate others on this cause.

Contact your local representatives - We just witnessed one of the highest voter turnouts in more than a century during the recent midterm elections. Use this opportunity to reach out to your local representatives and find out what's being done to combat this issue.

Negotiate - This is still a skill that I'm trying to perfect myself. It's important to research the average salaries in your field and city. Always negotiate the salary you're offered, the worst thing you can be told is no.

With all of our contributions, we can maybe begin to close the gap within our lifetime. 
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