Hey friends! It's been a while since I've written a chit-chat post.
I recently visited Dominican Republic and definitely made my week there worth while. 
For those of you who don't know, I am Dominican-American! I visit Dominican Rep. every year sometimes twice a year, since I can remember. I feel though I'm at my best, when I visit the country - the uncooperative cellphone service allows me to disconnect, the genuine and hospitable people make me feel welcomed every time (although I basically feel like a local) and the food, oh the food - I must've gained 10 pounds during my stay, no exaggeration.

It never fails, every time I tell people I'm going to D.R. everyone thinks I'm staying at a fancy hotel in Punta Cana, not to mention I've never even been to Punta Cana LOL. In reality, I always stay with family in Santiago. Much of my trip is spent running around doing errands, visiting family and friends, and probably getting my hair done or eating. This time around I wanted to get as much done as possible. Over the years D.R. has evolved tremendously, the city of Santiago specifically is becoming more modern and advanced. The city is being filled with condo's, trendy restaurants and clubs. The capital even has a subway! It's kind of sad to see the country change into a modern city, on the other hand- I think it's great for the natives to gain access to more modern technology and live a better quality of life. 

My first day in D.R I went out to eat with my cousin and his friends, we ate at Square One – a trendy New York style restaurant, I felt right at home. The restaurant was decorated with Subway maps and turn style signs, the music was also bumping! And the food was absolutely delicious. Could you guys believe that I didn’t go to the beach haha, I was able to lay poolside for a while and snap some pics with coconut props – which I enjoyed as a snack later on.

I was able to collaborate with Elvin Bautista of Visual Bliss Spot visualbliss - and can I just say, his photos are BOMB. Trust me I give photography credit when it's due. He has a creative eye and knew my best angles. Check out the photos and outfit details from the shoot below :)

Outfit details: 

Corduroy Dress: Forever 21

Striped Tie-Front Shirt: Forever 21

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